Frequently ask question

How Do I Place An Order?

Simply contact Ross by phone on 04228 11441 or email with your requirements. He will get back to you to discuss your requirements and provide you with a firm quote and delivery date..

Custom Designs.

Are welcome and we can organise custom designs to your specification. Many clients order specific awards to their specification and we are used to handle these requests.

These will require six (6) weeks notice to check designs, produce prototypes and produce production awards engraving and shipping.


Proofs of all artwork must receive customer approval before proceeding. If you have approved artwork and if there is a mistake that you accept responsibility and will pay for any corrections or replacements.

Payment and Shipping

Depending of the location and size of order, shipping will either be by courier or Australia Post. Urgent orders can be sent by Overnight Priority Post, depending on their size. Payment can be made by direct deposit,

All accounts become due 30 days from receipt of goods. We reserve the right to add current commercial interest rates to any account not paid within 30 days.

Returns & Refunds

Any returns or claims must be made within 7 days of delivery.

Stock Levels?

We generally hold adequate stock levels in Melbourne. Large orders may take some time to fulfill. Please give us as much time as possible to ensure your order is fulfilled within your time frame.

Local Stockists

We have local stockists in Melbourne, Sydney and Perth. Please click on this link to see the stockists (link to Local Stockists)

If you would like to add high quality crystal glass awards to your range, please contact Ross on the Contact Page.